Just a couple of shots from London. I was there last month visiting relatives I hadn’t seen the last 10+ years. I hadn’t been to London in a few years and it was a bit daunting at first to take photos but once I realised no one really gives a shit I got more comfortable. Where I live now if I have a camera I always get looked at cause its such a small town of about 68,000 compared to 8+ million for London. It was quite nice.







Fruit Stall - London

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Michael D. Higgins & Randoms

The president of Ireland came to Waterford the other day to open a new Nature Park in Waterford. It being one of the more exciting things to happen in Waterford in recent months I said I would go down and take pictures of the event. Which is what I did.. Took pictures of the event and not really the president himself. I took pictures of the people there to see him. The idea for this was my mother had said to me “oh you’ll get great pictures of the president!” “and so will all the other people there” “no one is really going to take photos of the people there to see him” I replied. Yeah sure the photographers working for local newspapers will put people in a line get them to smile and take photos of them but that’s not really the same thing. My mother didn’t really get it.. 

I went down anyway and took some shots. I wasn’t overly pleased with them but it was pretty overcast and dull.


I don’t know what sort of fire this was but it took some attention from the adults there and not really the kids who seem more interested in the rocks.




These next few were just shots of people looking at Michael D. himself. If you are familiar with some of Henri Cartier-Bresson’s work. He had some good pictures of people peeking through fences and giving the viewer wonder what they’re looking at. I kinda copied this but you know what they’re looking at for the most part.




This one is probably my favourite of the bunch. Two people a normal man and a member of the President’s security. A nice contrast I think.


The next lot are just a few randoms for another 2 rolls of film I had sitting waiting to be developed.



I quite like the way the woman is standing there on the left.



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The best of a bad bunch.

I have’t been taking many photos in the last month or so. I have serious lack of motivation to go out and do anything photography related. I’ve had the same roll of film in my camera for over a month and only got it developed today. It had about 3 shots left to take. It was a roll of kodak portra 400. I don’t think these are bad photo’s as such but I think there is big room for improvement. I am my own worst critic.

Here are the shots I liked from the lot. Some better than others. They are in no particular order.





















I really need a project. I need something to focus on and not just take pictures of random stuff all the time. Taking random pictures is fine. I just need something to work on to have a sort of goal in mind. One thing I have been thinking about the last few weeks is a seascape sort of project. The thing is.. I really hate seascape photos. I mean they look cool but they have no meaning whatsoever. I realise its a whole different genre to “meaningful photos”. Its a case of apples and oranges I suppose.

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***I apologise if I sound like a complete advertisement***

If your like me and you hate attempting to build yourself a nice website and are too stubborn to pay someone to do it cause you know if spend hours and hours you’ll start to figure out all the coding. I think I have found the perfect service.

I first heard about a website called Indexhibit over a year ago and it was just what I was looking for! It’s a service that lets you build a clean and professional looking website without having to know too much HTML/CSS. It was great! Though it’s not the perfect service I’m about to tell you about.

4ormat is the same idea as indexhibit. The main difference is that you don’t have to know any HTML/CSS to get something professional looking. 4ormat’s tools are so easy to use, it takes less than 2 hours to completely set-up and you don’t have to mess with any hosting settings. It’s not very expensive either $4.99 per month for basic account or $9.99 for a pro account. Add a domain name with that which usually cost $9.99 and your paying $70/€55 for a basic website per year or $130/€100 for a pro website. The best part? You can set-up a pro account for 1 month for nothing! It’s that easy!

Here is my website now, if you remember the one before it’s pretty similar. I just have to add my own domain and its pretty much done.

If you want to give it a try you can use this link. It’s an invitation link that if you become a paid member I receive a free month!

I hate to sound like an advert but I really think this is great service and if you’re looking to set-up a website quickly, professionally and easily give these guys a look.

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A new camera and new beginning?

For about a year I had been seriously looking at buying a Leica. I’ve wanted one for a long time but never seriously thought I would buy. I have been inspired by photographers such as Joel Meyerowitz, Robert Capa, Robert Frank, Daniel Milnor and Robert King. Just a few names I’ve come across that use or have used Leica cameras. The only problem was for quality you had to pay a hefty price. I wished and wished they would come down just enough so I could afford one but I knew they wouldn’t. Well I finally got one this week! A Leica M6 with a Summicron-M 35mm lens! I had been saving for since May! I wasn’t saving to buy one but I recently decided I was going to move to Australia for a year to work and save more money to go to college. I thought it would be very nice to have one for a year in a different country!

I’ve put one roll of film through it so far and while I’m still getting used to using my 1st rangefinder.. The weight, feel and build are lovely. Focusing is a bit annoying at times but that’ll become easier. The best part? The quality! Here are some shots, not the greatest in the world but its showing more image quality than anything! The only editing I have done to these was to fix the exposure, colour balance and add a bit of sharpening. The joys of using film.



Lone Walker


Surfing Bunmahon


On the topic of Australia I’m leaving Ireland at the start January and I’ll be gone for maybe 11/12 months. The main reason for going is to work/save for college. I’m getting left go from my current job in December so I don’t really want to stay here and search for a job that’s not going to pay enough to save a lot on. The college course I want to do is Journalism & Visual Media at Griffith College Dublin. Unfortunately its a private college so the fees are quite high. I’ll be brining my Cameras with me of course so expect a lot of documentary photos/video to be posted on here!

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