A new camera and new beginning?

For about a year I had been seriously looking at buying a Leica. I’ve wanted one for a long time but never seriously thought I would buy. I have been inspired by photographers such as Joel Meyerowitz, Robert Capa, Robert Frank, Daniel Milnor and Robert King. Just a few names I’ve come across that use or have used Leica cameras. The only problem was for quality you had to pay a hefty price. I wished and wished they would come down just enough so I could afford one but I knew they wouldn’t. Well I finally got one this week! A Leica M6 with a Summicron-M 35mm lens! I had been saving for since May! I wasn’t saving to buy one but I recently decided I was going to move to Australia for a year to work and save more money to go to college. I thought it would be very nice to have one for a year in a different country!

I’ve put one roll of film through it so far and while I’m still getting used to using my 1st rangefinder.. The weight, feel and build are lovely. Focusing is a bit annoying at times but that’ll become easier. The best part? The quality! Here are some shots, not the greatest in the world but its showing more image quality than anything! The only editing I have done to these was to fix the exposure, colour balance and add a bit of sharpening. The joys of using film.



Lone Walker


Surfing Bunmahon


On the topic of Australia I’m leaving Ireland at the start January and I’ll be gone for maybe 11/12 months. The main reason for going is to work/save for college. I’m getting left go from my current job in December so I don’t really want to stay here and search for a job that’s not going to pay enough to save a lot on. The college course I want to do is Journalism & Visual Media at Griffith College Dublin. Unfortunately its a private college so the fees are quite high. I’ll be brining my Cameras with me of course so expect a lot of documentary photos/video to be posted on here!

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4 Responses to A new camera and new beginning?

  1. keltrustsnoone says:

    great photographs!!

  2. Good luck with the move. Do you have work lined up or are you just going over to be in the sun, nicer climate while you save up? Where in Oz are you heading to?
    I had to laugh when reading …too work and save for college…bought a M6.

    Fair play to you though; you’ll be dead long enough so why not buy your dream camera?


    • Darren says:

      I have a few options, luckily I’m meeting a friend there so it will be easier to get settled. I’m going just to work like I would here in Ireland but with a nicer climate! I surf so the water is nice all year around.

      Yeah I have been working/saving since last may and had a nice amount saved up.. I could have went to college next year but decided I’d go to Australia and save some more and experience something totally different before I go through 3-4 years of college.

      I thought to myself.. Sure if I’m saving for another year why not buy a Leica haha. I’ve yet to really shoot with it. Working away now but my contract ends the 23rd so I’ll definetly get out with it. And if not I’m sure Australia will provide something for me to take pictures off.

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