The best of a bad bunch.

I have’t been taking many photos in the last month or so. I have serious lack of motivation to go out and do anything photography related. I’ve had the same roll of film in my camera for over a month and only got it developed today. It had about 3 shots left to take. It was a roll of kodak portra 400. I don’t think these are bad photo’s as such but I think there is big room for improvement. I am my own worst critic.

Here are the shots I liked from the lot. Some better than others. They are in no particular order.





















I really need a project. I need something to focus on and not just take pictures of random stuff all the time. Taking random pictures is fine. I just need something to work on to have a sort of goal in mind. One thing I have been thinking about the last few weeks is a seascape sort of project. The thing is.. I really hate seascape photos. I mean they look cool but they have no meaning whatsoever. I realise its a whole different genre to “meaningful photos”. Its a case of apples and oranges I suppose.

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