Michael D. Higgins & Randoms

The president of Ireland came to Waterford the other day to open a new Nature Park in Waterford. It being one of the more exciting things to happen in Waterford in recent months I said I would go down and take pictures of the event. Which is what I did.. Took pictures of the event and not really the president himself. I took pictures of the people there to see him. The idea for this was my mother had said to me “oh you’ll get great pictures of the president!” “and so will all the other people there” “no one is really going to take photos of the people there to see him” I replied. Yeah sure the photographers working for local newspapers will put people in a line get them to smile and take photos of them but that’s not really the same thing. My mother didn’t really get it.. 

I went down anyway and took some shots. I wasn’t overly pleased with them but it was pretty overcast and dull.


I don’t know what sort of fire this was but it took some attention from the adults there and not really the kids who seem more interested in the rocks.




These next few were just shots of people looking at Michael D. himself. If you are familiar with some of Henri Cartier-Bresson’s work. He had some good pictures of people peeking through fences and giving the viewer wonder what they’re looking at. I kinda copied this but you know what they’re looking at for the most part.




This one is probably my favourite of the bunch. Two people a normal man and a member of the President’s security. A nice contrast I think.


The next lot are just a few randoms for another 2 rolls of film I had sitting waiting to be developed.



I quite like the way the woman is standing there on the left.



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